Our entire lives are about food … when we’re not growing it, we’re cooking it. When we’re not cooking it we’re eating it.  When we’re not eating it we’re talking about it, writing about it, and generally marvelling in the wonder of it.

When we’re not growing food, raising animals, catering, teaching cooking classes, and writing cookbooks – one of us is mastering the art of the croissant and the other is hand quilting her way to sanity.  And both of us are always obsessing about all things homesteading.

Over 200 garden inspired recipes, peppered with wit and probably a good dose of both of our souls, we’re pretty darn proud of this collection of all our favourite dishes.  On the BC Bestseller list and a true tribute to westcoast living.

Moreka’s Grandparent’s, Paul and Olivia Rousseau, bought these 120 acres spontaneously in the Summer of ’67 (for $35,000) while on a road trip from California with their Land Rover full of kids. Olivia was the prime mover behind the decision to move to a rural property on an island. She wanted a horse, gardens, and somewhere to let her adventurous spirit loose. There was also the fact of it being in Canada, a safe haven from the draft and the Vietnam War. They were Quakers; she, a nurse and he, a paediatrician. For a time he was the only doctor for a very long distance. 

The property is on the ocean lined with midden and stretches far up into old forest and an expanse of moss-lined bluff and rock. In ’69 they built a large cedar home on the waterfront (we call this building our home now). Their kids soon followed and eventually built 4 other homes on the land to raise their families. These days, the homes are occupied by the 3rd generation: Moreka and cousins who have moved back with families and businesses. Some of them are busy building bicycles and some of them we refer to as our “Farmily”. Multi-family farming is really the way to go!  We now tend to the land and Olivia’s dream, with new orchards and gardens, a couple free-roaming mischievous horses, plenty of chickens and goats on the way.

Here’s a nautical map, in case you happen to find yourself in a boat and in need of some farm-fresh eggs. Otherwise, send us a message (via bottle or email).